Ring Master Casino

RingMaster Casino has hundreds of games available. You get the best selection when you download the free casino software. The instant play casino has dozens available. The mobile casino has the smallest selection, but the number still outshines what you find at the competitors.

We've compiled a list of what we feel are the five best RingMaster Casino games. Check these out the next time you play.

#1 - Aces and Eights

This favored video slot allows you to play three hands at once. In the poker game, you're placing a bet and hoping you'll get a hand that pays a prize. Jacks or better pay 1x, but if you're lucky enough to get a royal flush, you'll win 250 times your bet. Aces and eights pay 80x when you get four of them.

#2 - Asgard Slots

Experience Norse mythology in a very close and personal way. Spin the reels and watch for Odin, Thor, Loki, and others to form winning combinations. This game has 243 ways to win, so it's pretty each to get a payout each time you spin. If you trigger the bonus feature, you'll win free spins and special features, such as Loki's Magic where you get the 20 free spins and additional bonus symbols to help increase your chances for a big win.

#3 - Roaring Twenties Bingo

In Roaring Twenties Bingo, you can win a minor, major, or maxi progressive jackpot. Place your bet and then see if any of the cards you hold end up with any bingos in the required manner. Patterns also offer payouts if you complete them. Prizes range from 1x to 250x. Play up to 100 cards at a time in this bingo game.

#4 - Swindle All the Way

Win up to 60 free spins and a 33x multiplier in this Christmas slot game. Swindle All the Way is a little like Home Alone. You have a pair of clumsy burglars trying to not get caught. In the bonus game, you open windows and find the burglars. If you are correct, your free spins counter increases along with the multiplier counter. Free spins start after you've opened all sets of windows.

#5 - Tri-Card Poker

Poker fans love Tri-Card Poker. This unique game starts with you clicking on a chip ($1, $5, $25, $100, or $500) to start. You'll get three cards dealt to you. Check them out and fold or raise. The goal is to have a better three-card poker hand than the dealer has. The dealer has to have a queen or better in order to even try to beat you. As you have three cards, you'll usually do better if you have a flush or pair with a high card like a king or ace.

No matter which games you want to try, many are available through the free casino download, instant play casino, and mobile casino. Sign up, make a deposit, and start playing games at RingMaster Casino now.